About Us.

The J. F. Holder Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization devoted to creating educational and social opportunities for at-risk youth. We offer attractive and responsive programs designed to help at-risk youth achieve academic, social and workforce success. Our mission is to engage, educate and empower the youth, by creating 21st Century learning spaces where at-risk youth can learn the essential skills that will help them succeed in school, their careers and in life.

Our Approach

The J.F. Holder Foundation takes a grassroots approach to mentoring and educating at-risk youth. We understand that they face challenges both inside and outside the classroom, with disparities in educational resources, access to technology, wealth and life chances. As an organization we work to develop a level of communication and trust with at-risk youth, so we can have the ability to be a voice of reason and influence.

We invest into at-risk youths' social equity, balancing the tasks of promoting cultural pride, providing multi-cultural experiences, and preparing at-risk youth for life in mainstream society. We provide a flexible, but structured mentoring system where the interests of at-risk youth are emphasized. We believes by investing in our youths’ future we can help them become the leaders of tomorrow and productive members of their communities.

The J. F. Holder Foundation consists of two components: our Powered for Success mentoring system and the Fairmont Project.

Powered For Success
Our Powered for Success program is an interactive mentoring and empowerment system where we prepare at-risk youth mentally, socially and emotionally for educational and social opportunities. We use STEM initiatives, counseling and character building strategies to help the youth achieve academic, social and workforce success. Our programs cater to children and young people (11-17 years old and 18-24 years old).
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Fairmont Project
The J.F. Holder Foundation established the Fairmont Project as a platform to help create positive social change. The project’s mission is to invest into the social equity of at-risk youth, have real & honest conversations about race and culture in a safe and supportive environment, promote social enterprise, and to layout strategies and solutions that advance positive racial and social transformation in America. Today's young people receive little meaningful education about race and its continuing role in our society. We work to layout the blueprint to help at-risk youth excel in today’s social climate.
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Integrated Technology
The J.F. Holder Foundation has integrated technology into all of our quality of life programs. This technology has allowed us to expand our community outreach. We are now able to reach hundreds and thousands of youth in the community with the click of a mouse. Classrooms today are no longer limited to four walls, students can explore, share and learn about their communities and the world beyond their own experiences. When technology integration in the classroom is seamless and thoughtful, students not only become more engaged, they begin to take more control over their own learning too.

Get Involved.

It takes a village to empower our youth today. We need your support to continue to develop, improve and maintain our projects and programs. We are looking for volunteers, mentors, counselors and sponsors to work together with us. We cannot wait to welcome you to the family.

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