Get Involved.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the J.F. Holder Foundation. It takes a village to empower our youth today. We need your support to continue to develop, improve and maintain our projects and programs. We are looking for volunteers, mentors, counselors and sponsors to work together with us. We cannot wait to welcome you to the family.


There are many reasons to volunteer at the J.F. Holder Foundation:

  • To give back to the community
  • Utilize your special skills and talents
  • Gain experience working with youth
  • Earn community service hours
  • School credit for community service



Our internship programs provide hands-on experience to students from diverse backgrounds to help them become skilled professionals and leaders. We provide students personal and professional development and other exciting benefits. Internships are available during fall, spring and summer. Please submit your resume and area of interest to:


  • The Power of Partnership and Social Responsibility

To ensure the absolute success of the J.F. Holder Foundation we are offering strategic partnership and sponsorship opportunities that will help you reach your marketing and corporate philanthropy goals. By supporting the J.F. Holder Foundation and its extraordinary programming, your company can:

  • Strengthen corporate citizenship.
  • Develop shared value and cause marketing partnerships.
  • Demonstrate your social responsibility to our communities.
  • Support mission related programs.
  • Enhance your brand visibility and boost business.

Donate Today

Thank you for supporting the J.F. Holder Foundation, we are committed to provide unique educational & social opportunities and life-changing experiences for underprivileged youth. Your donations are welcome and greatly appreciated, whether it is a one-time gift or a monthly contribution.

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