Our Programs.

The J.F. Holder Foundation offers a series of year-round programs strategically developed to provide unique educational opportunities and life-changing experiences for at-risk youth and their families. Our programs hope to inspire our participants to live a more enriched and empowered life. We are committed to providing high-quality youth programs and supportive services to help our children explore, share and reach their potential.

Powered for Success.


Our Powered for Success Mentoring Program is an interactive STEM-Inspired mentoring program where we provide disadvantaged youth with educational and social opportunities, and inspire young minds in the world of technology and social enterprise. We use STEM Initiatives, counseling and character building strategies to help the youth achieve academic, social and workforce success. Our programs cater to children and young people (11-17 years old and 18-24 years old).

Digital Impact.


Digital Impact offers innovative project-based learning experiences that will inspire young minds in the world of technology, teaching them critical technology concepts and skills that the youth will need to be successful in today’s digital world. We aim to empower young minds to become tomorrow’s digital creators and innovators.

Empowered Artists.


This program provides the youth with hands-on experience in music & creative arts. Our mission is to support and foster a passion for the arts by providing exceptional instruction; research has found that music & creative arts are a gateway to facilitate greater achievement in other school subjucts, and in life.

The Conversation.


The Conversation is a group communication platform that provides at-risk youth with a structure that promotes self-exploration in a supportive atmosphere, an approach to learning that encourages dialogue, respect and social discourse. Our goal is to enhance the socioemotional functioning of at-risk youth. We also teach at-risk youth how to interact safely with law enforcement in different scenarios, and help them get an understanding of the criminal justice system.

Junior Executives.


Our Junior Executives program takes an interactive approach to exposing young people to the world of business. We offer a series of workshops & training to help young people succeed in their current and future careers by enhancing their personal and professional development. They learn about networking, public speaking, technology, dressing professionally and other leadership and business concepts. It is a work experience program where our participants gain experience while learning in a professional setting.

The Session.


The Session – is an empowerment program & show that is an eclectic blend of Mentoring, Music, Dance, the Arts, and Fitness. We work with at-risk youths in a fun & nurturing environment, exposing them to new life experiences. The Session is a 21st Century learning experience inspired by the Arts.

The Virtual Mentor.


With our Virtual Mentor program, we set up video calls with mentors & professionals in various fields and industries. The youth get a glimpse into different career options and a chance to interact with the professional and ask them questions about their work and life experiences. The program provides students with a dynamic and tangible experience that facilitates a connection between their academic pursuits and their future professional endeavors.

Team Fitness.


Our Health & Wellness program promotes a lifestyle where the youth are prioritizing their health. We educate and motivate the youth to make healthy food and physical activity choices. We offer unique wellness sessions to inspire ways to get fit, develop a healthy diet and maintain an active positive lifestyle.

Seeds to Tables.


This program is a community garden and culinary project that provides hands-on training that pertains to horticulture and healthy eating. Our goals are to educate the youth on the benefits of eating and cooking with whole foods, to increase community involvement of healthy food access in underserved communities and for the beautification of our neighborhoods.

Global Ambassadors.

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Soweto, South Africa
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Las Vegas, Neveda
  • Miami, Florida

Our Global Ambassadors program is a high tech virtual classroom and virtual field trip project where we inspire the youth through global collaboration. We collaborate with other virtual classrooms and youth organizations from around the world to expose students to different world cultures, allowing them to exchange stories about their cultures and build international relationships.

Classrooms today are no longer limited to four walls, students can explore, share and learn about the world beyond their own experiences. Our goals are to foster global awareness and cross-cultural understanding, and to empower the youth to believe that they matter, that learning matters, and that they can make their communities and the world better.

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